uv-ray-equipment for materials

This device is a conception for laboratories, when high power ultraviolet radiation is required. For example you can use it for testing the uv-resistance of materials [experiment as service].


spectral area of radiation: 280 nm up to 400 nm

power: 30 W/m² up to 70.000 W/m²

1,2 to 2746 of solar uv-radiation in Mainflingen-Offenbach

UV-A/UV-B = 24/1

power consumption: 2,0 kW

electrical connection: 400 V, 3 conductor, 50 Hz, 16 A, CEE - connector

uv-source: Radium HTC 2000-327 KX10s

reflector: elliptical paraboloid; 680 mm solid aluminium, polished

spectral filter: Schott DESAG M-UG6

mirror filter: URBB Prinz Optics

dimensions [mm]: H/B/D = 2430/800/880 (other hights possible)

With the TÜV-checked and by No. 19839669 patented device for simulation of solar ultra-violet-radiation it is possible to test the uv-resistance of materials like colors, synthetic materials, bitumen or cloth. For that, it produces high power radiation up to 70.000 W/m² in the spectral areas of UV-A and UV-B with a distribution like the sun. Long-time tests in the sun may be simulated in houres. Lost heat will be handed in surroundings by heat-pipes. A digital clock facilitate automatic switching-off. The materials, that will be tested, can be placed on a carrier whithin the device. The power of radiation can be regulated by changing the position-height. Individual safty is guaranted by several security measures.

The instrument only will be produced by order. Other heights are possible, if the user do not need lower radiation-power. The quotation 1,2 up to 2746 of solar uv-radiation receives on a middled radiation over several years, day and night, horizontal measured at the official observation-position in Mainflingen-Offenbach, Germany, under considering the variing of the radiation-angle. UV-C and infrared of the uv-source will be keeped off from the material.

Special thanks for execution-support to Johne &Co. Präzisionstechnik, Dorsten-Wulfen and the employees, particulary Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Kmiecik. [home]

calculation method and instrument engineering

A script with the calculation of the effective irradiated area for any geographical position, the average UV irradiation from the sun, the basic one considerations on the device and the measurements on the prototype can be mathematically and physically interested read [here].

experiment as service

A lot of interesting instituts and corporations asked us for experiments as service. So we established an experimental plant. If you will send us material for testing, it should have following dimensions: Min. 40 mm x 40 mm, up to 150 mm x 150 mm, max. 1 kg. The costs for the experiment will be €/h 28,50 for the instrument, €/h 0,26 for energie and €/h 75,00 for personal. During the radiation no personal costs will be effective. Costs for postage and packing will be additional. Please give us the time of exposition in the natur, that should be simulated. Alternative you can give us the radiation-dose in W/m² * time.


It is possible to analyse the radiated materials together with an labor at the University of Essen. In the normal case, with fototechnical dokumentation, you can see the consequence of uv-radiation. Micro-cracks at the surface will be measured under strong magnification (costs on inquire).

DIN, EU-Norm and guideline

Today, there are no DINs or norms in procedure of simulation of natural solar radiation. Industrie and universities makes their experiments with xenon-lamps or put their materials under solar radiation in the nature. Disadvantageous is the long duration of experiment and the misrepresent of the result by uv-c radiation, which distroies the polymere-line of different synthetic materials. To remove the element of uncertainty by the methode of proceduring, we contacted the committee for norm.