communication engineering

This devision is the most interesting in our company. Theoretical computations, development of electronic circuits and realisation of prototyps are our activities. For that we can look at a wide spectrum of special literature.

continuous Fourier transformations

Laplace evaluations (activation operation, step response, ...)

FFT - discrete Fourier transformations, complex und real up to 16384 MiB (DVD)

CEPSTRUM-Analyses (like FFT)

2-D-FFT - discrete 2-Dimensions-Fourier-Transformations and 2-D-CEPSTRUM-Transformatuion of real-data up to 16384 MiB (DVD)

computation of digital FIR-Filters (coeffizients on request), active filters and passive filters

filtering of series and *.wav-data within time area

filtering of spectrums

development of fast assembler programs (TASM, MASM32)

development of analoge and digital discret circuits (Spice)

active und passive antennas, matching calculations

radio-locating and navigation

microcontroller embedded systems on request

measurements: radioactivity, soundlevel, light, ultra-violett-radiation UV-A, UV-B, UV-C



While the Fourier-Transformation is an known tool of the engineering science, the CEPSTRUM-Analyses has to be explained. One application is the finding of signal-echos, for example by multi-way-radiations [Kemerait, R.C. and Childers, Signal Detection and Extraction by CEPSTRUM-Techniques, IEEE Trans. Info. Theory, Vol. IT-18, No. 6, pp. 745-759]. We changed the method, to determine the lenght of impulses for use in RADAR-device. Mathematical and physical interested people can download a text in german language, PDF-format, [here].